TeachMeet Hampshire

Last night I had the pleasure of attending TeachMeet Hampshire.  It was the first of the TeachMeet events that I have attended outside of BETT, and it was just as inspirational – if not slightly moreso.  Let me explain.

TeachMeet BETT had a great vibe and buzz about it, and one that has stayed with me since.  I have tried in everything I do at work to ensure that we stick to the same strong principles that I left that TeachMeet with – that we should at all times ensure that we have top quality product, that is affordable and above all else inspires teachers and children.  TeachMeet BETT and TeachMeet Takeover has also inspired me personally to use and evangelise about a stack of the web2 tools that are used to such amazing effect in classrooms up and down the country.  I am now much more productive at work, more confident to use tech with Beth, and for that I am ever grateful.  One thing that did come across at BETT was that a lot of the people in the room had been to a TeachMeet before. I may be wrong, but that was the perception I had.

Last night had all of the same – apart from the fact that I have now used (or tried to use in the case of Scratch!) a lot of the tools shown. The bit that was different was that virtually none of the people that were there had ever been to a TeachMeet before.  Schools who were so anti-tech, and could not see the point were huddled at the end to work out what to try first!  There were surprisingly more people there who were on Twitter – in itself an essential part of any CPD – and that was great to see, but during the evening, more and more people were joining up, which felt even better.

Highlights for me have to be Xtranormal.com by @kristianstill and Class Blogging by @charliedeane for the inspiration it gives to the pupils; and Malcolm Talking about Mole – classic TeachMeet humour by @primarypete_, delivering excellent CPD.  All of the presentations, bar none, were really well delivered, in the main by teachers who haven’t done anything like that before.  It really goes to show what a relaxed, friendly atmosphere does for a speaker!  Yet again, meeting people that I have only ever talked to on Twitter, was great – if  you are the sort of person who doesn’t like walking into a room of people you don’t know, then to have been speaking to them on Twitter beforehand is a great ice-breaker!

Huge thanks and appreciation have to go to the two organisers, Ian Addison and Gideon Williams – both worked incredibly hard to organise, and enthuse the audience, it couldn’t have been done without you, and will most certainly have to be repeated!

All the links can be found at bit.ly/tmhants and the photos from the night are at bit.ly/tmhantsphotos

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