A happy ending to cowboy electricians…

My second post for the Best of Hinckley was posted today…I have republished here:

Last Friday night, the electrics in my house went.  I thought it was our tumble dryer that had done it, but not being an electrician, I couldn’t be sure.  I did all of the things that you usually do but couldn’t fix the electrical trip switch, so decided to call an emergency electrician out.

Not having required an electrician before, I did the natural thing and searched online and although I couldn’t find one on the bestofhinckley I did come up with a company that looked OK, which I won’t name. The call was taken eventually and they promised that they would be with me in a couple of hours. Three hours later (including an hour that I had spent on hold!) the electrician still hadn’t turned up.  At 2am, I then called another ‘fast response’ company who said they would with me at 8am but turned up at 11am.  Already, I had experienced enough bad customer service for anyone to endure in a day.  However, worse was to come because the bloke who came in proceeded to tell me that I needed a new tumble drier, RCD, washing machine, fridge….., etc, which of course he would be only too pleased to provide, at a significant cost!

Not convinced that I had received the most impartial of advice so far, I went back on the web and found another company that appeared more trustworthy. Within half an hour I had been contacted by a local electrician called Pete from PPB Domestic Electrical Installations (0845 839 3531 – local rate call or 07594 587730) and just 20-minutes later, Pete was in my house testing the circuits and finding out what was wrong.  Half-an-hour after that, our electrics were working again.  We still need a new tumble-drier but everything else (RCD, washing machine, fridge…..)  is fine.

SO the lessons that I have learned…

  • always ask friends, family, colleagues (and of course check the bestofhinckley) to find out who are the best local trades people;
  • collect a set, I have always used Gas Care Services in Barwell for my plumbing needs, he would certainly be another very safe option); for flooring I use Carpet Cottage in Barwell and now Pete for my electrics. I also had a really brilliant roofer but unfortunately he has recently retired. Anyone know of a great roofer?

The major lesson in all this of course is that you really do need to compile your list of reliable trades people BEFORE you have a problem (as I found out to my expense with a £100 call out fee!) because it’s too late once something goes wrong!

From a personal business point of view – I am incredibly loyal and all the contact details of the reliable, trustworthy people that I find either personally or through the bestofhinckley are in my phone and if something should go wrong, or I need something they are the first people I call. It’s quite simple really; I call them because I know I can rely on them for good service and a fair price.

Are the first emergency electricians that called in my phone?  No, not a chance!

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