Grrr… How to use step-by-step home page

So there I was, shrinking another URL in and I saw a mention of  I had seen it a while back, but then it disappeared, and there it was again.  It wasn’t an easy process as I am not yet a fully certified web geek, but with some help and that dreaded word ‘patience’ I made it through.  Before I go into a step-by-step guide, you may be wondering why on earth I need a short URL.  Well in short (sorry!) I don’t really, but I do like a challenge.  The official reasons behind having one are:

  • Every time you copy a URL, it will be shortened, but instead of appearing it will be (in my case)
  • You get a real-time view of how your links are being spread across twitter/facebook etc.

Here is the step-by-step guide…

1. Go to and sign up to get an account.  If it is still there, it is by invitation, so you may require some patience (if you are holding a ‘patience’ sweep stake, this is number 2!).

2. In the mean time, there is nothing stopping you getting your own vanity, sorry I mean short URL.  I used the extremely easy-to-use domainr. Head over, type in a keyword such as your web address and it will suggest available short URLs and even better, the places where you can go and register them with. My preferred web host is GoDaddy they are very reliable, and you can get 10% off with this link!

Head to domainr for bitly pro

3. Once you have done that, and you have got our invite from, you are ready to go.  And here is where you need to have some patience.  I didn’t do the above in the order I recommended.  I got the invite, then registered, and one thing I have found is that online, nothing is quick!  Next step is to head back into  In there, you will be given instructions on how to verify your accounts. It looks a bit like this:

Bitlypro A record info

Now, here to the first of the warnings.  Ensure you change the record of the short URL, not your own website URL – it is almost as if I don’t need to mention it(!).

Head into your short URL domain records and amend the A Record to  When you have finished, it should look something like this:

Setting up A Record for bitly.proThe important thing is that you need to make sure that you set the A Record to @ and then put the IP address in. Otherwise it just doesn’t work.

4. Next you will be asked to verify your tracking domain.  For me that was  To do this, you have three options.  To put a chunk of html into  your home page (difficult with a blog), download an html file and upload it so that it is available in your public directory, and the third was to do with the CNAME (although I can’t remember the last one as I did the html file…

So, download the html file to your hard drive.  And this next bit is important.  The file is in a zip…unpack the zip before you upload it again. Inside the zip file is the html that you need plus the readme.  Once  you have unpacked it, then upload it into your website/blog as part of the public_html section. It can’t be within a folder, it must be the html file on it’s own.

5. Go back into and click on ‘verify’. If you have done everything you need to (and have had the patience to wait between actions so that the interwebs catch up), it should verify pretty quickly.

6. Sorry, but you have to wait again. Once it has been verified, it looks as if  you will be able to shorten the URL’s with your shortened URL at the beginning, but for the first 24 hours, the link will work for some, and not for others.

7. You should now be done. I have to say I got a tad frustrated, and it showed really how impatient I am (plus I have to say thank you to Rex at for his unerring patience with me – but we got there in the end!

4 thoughts on “Grrr… How to use step-by-step

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  2. Well, bitly is now history. They only do one-to-one shortening.

    Check out (and Briefly.PRO), which allow to “bundle” many URLs into one, then open them in tabs where possible.

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