Remember everything

When I made my debut Teach Meet presentation at Teach Meet East (from about 1 hr 16m 30s), one of the services I talked about was Remember the Milk. I use RTM often, and although it isn’t new, and a lot of people have used it before, there seemed to be quite a few people who had never heard of it when I spoke.

So what is it?

Remember the Milk is task management software…a funky to-do list if you like, that you can share. The example I gave at TMEast was that I can tell it to remind me to do my expenses tomorrow, and tomorrow I will get an email telling me to do my expenses.  Simple, but effective.

How do you use it?

There are a number of ways to get things on the list (email, Android app, chrome widgets etc.) but the main way I use it is through the desktop app and the web interface.  Type in what you want to do, and when to do it like this:

and it appears in your to-do list with the time set for when it is due like this:

When you have finished compiling the list (and my house moving list needs a lot of work!), then you can start to set up folders and notifications etc.  I have my reminders sent to me three different ways, so I can’t avoid them!  I get them to two different email addresses (work and home), and via skype. There are a host of other ways you can be reminded as well, but three is fine for me!  One thing that does work really well, is that it synchronises with your Google Calendar.

Why go pro?

RTM is free unless you take out the pro version.  I wanted to use RTM with my BlackBerry, as it can take any tasks that I have set up in Outlook, and turn them into to-do’s in RTM.  To be honest, I didn’t use that feature that much, but now that I have an Android phone, I am using it a lot more.

So, I mentioned sharing, how does that work?

This is where RTM becomes really powerful, and where you can get people to work together toward the same goals.  In RTM, you can share any one of your lists with a colleague, and then allocate a task to them (and therefore receive tasks from them!).  I have used it a few times this way, but you have to ensure that the people that you are using it with, know and like web2 tools – otherwise you are going to have a battle on your hands to get people to use it!

In conclusion:

I like it a lot, it has never let me down, but you have to remember that it is only as good as the content you put in.  If you make a habit of using it, your productivity will go up – if you use it sporadically, as with anything, it will only be sporadically useful!

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