Grrr… How to store your iTunes library on DropBox

As many readers will know my wife, Jet, has a new job in September in a very small school in Oxfordshire.  As a result, she needs a laptop she can rely on – and that definitely is not the Asus we have at the moment.  The new laptop arrived on Tuesday, and I had it in my head that we would do something funky with the iTunes library.  Now I have to say that it was @stuartridout that put it in my head a few months back on Twitter when he said he was considering using DropBox to store his iTunes library so that the library was available on all devices.  So, that is what we started…here is a how-to, warts ‘n’ all.

1. Open up iTunes, go to > Edit click on > Advanced and ensure that the following check boxes are checked:

2. Next, come out of iTunes, and go to the folder that you hold your iTunes music in (most commonly in My Music) and copy the entire folder over to your DropBox account.  NOTE: ensure you don’t put it in ‘public’ as in theory it will be open for other people to see and use. If it is within your private section, you are fine.

Now here is where we suffer from having a large music collection (over 25gb) and a very slow upload speed (at times as low as 50kb/sec).  If you want to do this, and it is worth it, then ensure you have time!  I ensured that I had set the power options on the laptop to ‘never off’ when plugged into the mains so that it could run overnight.

3. At this stage, you have your iTunes library on your old PC DropBox folder, and online – you now need to download it onto the new PC.  It will then start to automatically synchronise files.  Please take note of the above point on speed – it will take some time especially on slow connections!

4. Now, you have your iTunes library on your old PC, your new PC and in my case I have it on my HTC Desire as I downloaded the DrobBox App.

5. So you have it in your DropBox folder on your new PC – how do you get it into iTunes? Well, simples…go to iTunes, File, Add Folder to Library

6. This bit is all done now – just a bit of housekeeping now – ensure you have de-authorised iTunes on your old PC. That is all, good luck!

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