Grrr… Emailing receipts into Evernote

As many of you will know, I am in the process of moving house, so am getting lots and lots (and lots) of receipts every day for different things. Rather than keeping everything on email, I needed to keep a track on what we’re spending, so decided to use Evernote to gather those receipts. But how do you get them into Evernote?

The first step is really easy

Right at the top of the web-version of Evernote, click on Settings.

When you are in Settings – on the left-hand-side at the bottom you will see your own person email address for Evernote. It’ll look something like this:

Step 3 – I have saved that email address in my contacts as Evernote, and anything that comes in that you need to save, just forward it on.

Moving on a bit, you can be slightly more advanced in your emailing.  In the example we are talking about here, I was keeping all the receipts for the house-move in Evernote, and if you look back at Step 1, you will see that I have a folder set up for just that.  To make sure that the note that you send, ends up in that folder you need to add a couple of things to your subject line.

If you add an ‘@’ then the folder name you want it to be in, so in my example ‘@housemove’ it will go straight into that folder.  Then, if you add a hashtag, it will act as a searchable tag.

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