Grrr… Using Evernote as a Twitter archive

If you have ever used a hastag on Twitter, you know there are many different places that you can use to save these tweets, but not a lot of them are that reliable.  I have used two or three, and have been let down by them on more than one occasion.  Therefore I needed something that I knew would work, and something that I knew wouldn’t just disappear! Therefore I started to use  Evernote to save Tweets, favourited blog posts and more, automatically…this is how!

Step One – grab the RSS feed from twitter that you want, in this example, I have used my own:

Step 2 – go to a free service such as Feed My Inbox and register with your Evernote email address.  Once you have done that, you can set up the RSS feed to send an email into Evernote once per day which will save your tweets.

Step 3 – get more advanced.  The above will work with every RSS feed you want to use, but you only get five free feeds before you start to pay, so how do you get more content saved without paying more money? Simples…

Go to Cliqset and (for free) set yourself up with all of the myriad social network services that you can.  You can see from my profile, that I have Google Reader, Picasa, WordPress, Twitter, Delicious etc. set up so that every time I am active on those accounts, it turns it into a single RSS feed – which I can put into Feed My Inbox, which automatically archives all my activity online.

What does this look like in Evernote?

Evernote will save all the feeds by date – so you will get everything by the day that it was sent in, but it will separate out each type of feed that you send through, so I can have all of the Tweets in one file, whilst the blog posts that I have favourited in Google Reader appear in a different note.

The good thing about using Evernote as the archive, is that it is all saved on your machine, rather than using the Twitter archive, which at the moment is pretty flaky!

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