It's been a while…

So, schools went back – did you notice?  I did, just a bit.  Educational publishers get busy at about the same time, it is part of the job (as an aside, it is unfortunate that we get busy in the summer holidays too!).  As a result, it has been a few weeks since my last post, so I thought a summary post would get things off my mind!

House move…

Went well – we are in, have been for about a month.  The house is lovely, and very close to work.  My commute has gone from over 2 hours, to under 10 minutes (and that is with a stop to drop Elizabeth at the childminders!).   That means I am getting more sleep – and more time with my very lovely family.  5am has only appeared on my alarm clock once since I have been here, and that was when I had to go to the London office.

The house is nice, and we are really close to a country park which is brill for Beth.  Unfortunately not great for me, as I fell over and split my chin open – healing well.

Beth has settled in so well with the childminder.  Such a massive relief.  For those who have followed the trials and tribulations we went through dropping her off at nursery, it is like she is a different child.  She runs in, and tells me to go to work!  Very happy indeed, and has been since day one.


When I came to look at the house in June, I noticed a very grimy pond in the garden that was very green.  Two days ago, we decided to empty it – and found a Koi in it.  A bitter-sweet discovery. Great that it was alive, but what cruelty to have fish and not feed or clean out the pond.  Long story short, we cleaned out the pond, and the newly named ‘Elizabeth the Fish’ is back and can see again!  I feel massively guilty that we didn’t know that we had pets, but now we do, we will be very lovely to it!


Wow – busy.  We have been gearing up for back-to-school since before the end of last term, with new publishing, new Educational Consultants, and a conference to get ready for.  The sales conference was brilliant, easily the best one we have run, and the reps we have are “easily the most professional I have ever worked with” (quote from my MD!).  They have started in schools again now, and are doing really well, which is brilliant and I am exceptionally proud.  We had two really exciting launches for them, one is Scholastic Primary Science, and the other Read & Respond Engage – both are amazing resources which deserve to do very well.

We have also taken on yet another huge project, which means that the time that I had put aside for other things has been diverted, and the four hours I have gained from the commute may well be given to work!  Not the right time to say what that project is yet, but we are quite excited by it, so will shout about it when we can!

And finally…

I have been asked to be best man at a wedding of my best mate.  Neil proposed to his girlfriend Kristin last week, and I am so delighted for them both.  The even better news is that they live in America, so next August, Kansas here we come! Here is the video that Beth did for them!

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