Why did I agree to the Great South?!

Okay, so it was January that Ian Addison suggested we do #weightlosschallengything on Twitter. Every Monday we would weigh ourselves and post the results to a Google doc. It worked, and I lost more than I hoped for, and soon felt I could start running (something I have never enjoyed, and hadn’t done for over 10 years).

That is where it all went wrong. Ian suggested that I join him running the Great South in Portsmouth, and with months of training ahead I signed up. As with all things, I started well, soon getting to 5-miles. Then I pulled a muscle which took a while to heal, then I started again and quite quickly got to 6-miles, and my right knee put up the white flag.  This morning was my first run for a month, and to be honest the 2 and a bit miles felt good.

I have decided to run for Tommy’s. A charity very close to Janette’s and my heart after Elizabeth was born very quickly and five weeks early (full story here).  If you feel like sponsoring  a man who shouldn’t be running 10 yards never mind 10 miles and at the same time raise money for a very good cause you can do so here.

Now while I have been writing this, Ian has posted his blog post, and is raising money for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, you can sponsor Ian here.

Thank you!

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