A week in the life of a ‘Sales Vulture’ – BETT 2011

I am sure it was firmly tongue in cheek, but this morning on Twitter, there was reference made to ‘always sad at the sales vultures on the trade stands at bett with expensive things for the gullible’.

It did remind me though of BETT last year, and how with TeachMeet Takeover on the stand teachers handing out TeachMeet Takeover flyers to visitors got incredibly frustrated as they ‘weren’t selling anything’. Then in Ed Tech Roundup #54, teachers voiced how incredibly annoyed that they were ignored, walked and barged past, even though they had something very important to talk to them about that was FREE!

I’m afraid that is the way of the exhibiting world.  I get infuriated by people saying that they have walked around all of BETT and there was ‘no content’ anywhere to be seen.  Why do I get frustrated?  Because I have worked for eleven months to produce a stand that has nothing on it apart from content!  We have some stunning resources this year, that are just what teachers need to engage and excite learners, and it is my job to ensure that if you are looking for resources, you talk to us!

This year, we are looking forward to a good BETT.  Our first meeting was in February, and we  have been working to improve on everything we did last year. Our presentations will be more interactive, the stand will be more colourful, we will engage more than just the people who are on our stand.  Why are we doing this?  We need you to see what we are doing!  Exhibitions is only a small part of what I do at work.  There are teams of people creating top quality content for teachers to use in the classroom – my job is to make sure that you see it!

We do try and let people know what we are doing before the show, and we do try and talk to people to ensure that we don’t waste your time at the show (if you go around the exhibition properly, it can take two to three days!). But for every teacher who reads my posts, articles and press releases about what we have in store for you, there will be ten who don’t – it is these people that ‘sales vultures’ need to talk to at the show.

So, as you wonder around BETT this week, don’t think about the people on stands as sales vultures, think of them as people who are trying very hard to show you just what you are looking for!

Yours, with my tongue firmly in my cheek, Chris!

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