My BETT – day by day… Friday

I woke up on Friday morning thinking that I had only just closed my eyes.  The long walk to the show seemed longer than usual and my feet posted a petition for divorce. Then I realised I was only half way through, and decided to buck my ideas up, and found some Music to Wake  A Stand Up To…

The show was so busy on Friday that it was 3pm before I looked at my watch.  Everything seemed to go seamlessly – no technical hitches, everyone there when you needed them – almost as if we had planned it!

We did have some special guests on the stand. David Mitchell (@deputymitchell) brought six of his pupils from Heathfield CPS in Bolton onto our stand to do some experiments to help launch Scholastic Primary Science – a really nice new science scheme full of practical science experiments, ebooks and science APP.  The pupils, and staff were thoroughly professional all the time they were on our stand; and some of the pupils managed to get their charicatures done by our resident artist, Hutch.

It was also great to see Tom Sale and James Maloney who had made the long trip down from Blackpool and many other teachers who made the time to come and see us on the stand.  TeachMeet Takeover took off on Friday, many more presentations held compared to last year, and again we hosted two events on our stand.  Presentations by Alessio Bernardelli & Dan Roberts followed by Ian Addison were tremendous.  If you haven’t been to a TeachMeet before, you should – find out more here.

Friday night was TeachMeet BETT – something I had been looking forward to for a long time.  The evening was very professionally run by the Two Ians (@ianaddison and @iusher).  I was slightly disappointed in two or three of the presentations, two of them were adverts for the companies that stood up, and one pretty much bordered it!  There is a show floor for exhibitors to talk to teachers, the TeachMeet was a time for teachers to talk to teachers, it appeared that not everyone understood that.

I loved Dughall’s snow-day presentation, and Bill Lord’s reflections on @giraffeclass (a must-follow!), but the rest were just as good and the event was a real testament to the passion that was in that room.

TeachEat was brilliant. I had avoided it last year as I didn’t think that people would want someone from a company there, but the pizza was just what I needed at the end of a long, but fantastic day.

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