My BETT – day by day…Thursday

So Wednesday has come and gone, and Thursday is here.  This time last year, we were hopeful that things would get better, this year, we were hopeful that things would be as good as yesterday!  The good news is that the stand was busier from the outset all the way through the day.

One of the problems you have as an exhibitor, is the problem of making sure that the people who come on to the start of a presentation stay all the way through to the end.  One of the ideas that was had was to have a prize draw at the end of each presentation to ensure that people stayed around to listen.  Some call it bribery, I may agree.  Whatever you call it, it worked!  We really did have a lot of people taking part in a lot of presentations (14 per day!) and many people stayed to listen to more than one.

At this stage, I have to say a huge thank you to the presenters who, between them did 56 presentations, and there were only four of them!  They were Russ Payne, Tim Meek, Paul Naish and Paula Hubbard.  It is a testament to their professional presentations that we had such an amazing show.

We had been showing Read & Respond Engage a lot during the show, and we were getting many good responses from people, some saying that it was just what they needed and signing up there and then.  One visitor said that it was refreshing to see a digital resource that kept the children’s book  at the heart of the resource.  Another said it was the best thing they had seen at the show.

It was on Thursday that I met some people I have followed and respected for a very long time, Ewan McIntosh, John Davitt  and David Whyley.  It was nice for me not to be on stage for most of the day, so that I had the time to talk to these very inspirational people!  We were delighted to host two TeachMeet Takeover slots on Wednesday from Bev Evans and Kevin Mulryne. 🙂

Thursday night was Collaborate for Change at BETT night, and I went along to take the photos (yes, I was the annoying git hovering over you taking photos!).  It was really good to see a room full of teachers sharing ideas about the resources they use in the classroom.  It was also good to catch up with Ant from 2Simple (@2simpleant), Ian Addison (@ianaddison), Charlie Deane (@charliedeane) and many more!

The good news was that I got back to the hotel in time for food before the mayhem that was Friday!

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