Qwiki… what an amazing website

You know, it happens, the fortunate typo.  I was aiming to type ‘wiki’, and my fat fingers hit a ‘q’ and I ended up at Qwiki – what a lovely discovery.

The homepage states that Qwiki “knows millions of things” – so I tested it with Barwell.  The old village we used to live in in sedentary Leicestershire.  What I got was a pretty impressive run down of Barwell, telling me things (literally with the automatic text to speech audio) that I didn’t know about the place even though we had lived there for too long.  I then tried something that would be a bit more rich in content, and the Amazon Rainforest looks pretty amazing.

Qwiki is based on wikis, so it doesn’t actually know everything, but I can see how this could be a stunning resource for the classroom – as do quite a few of you it seems, as my bit.ly link to it was clicked on over 250 times between last Thursday and today!  It will be fascinating to see how it develops, but for now, I am just having fun being told stuff I didn’t know I needed to know!

Do you think you will use Qwiki?  What uses do you think you will put it to?!

3 thoughts on “Qwiki… what an amazing website

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