My social networking presentation to the IPG

On Wednesday I gave a presentation to the Independent Publishers Guild Annual Conference on social networking. I followed Jon Reed who gave a very comprehensive look at ways in which publishers can use Twitter / Facebook and LinkedIn. It was great to catch up with Kate Wilson from Nosy Crow as well, and talk about how well her lovely new iPad and iPhone apps were going!

I spoke about increasing awareness of a brand through Social Networking.  The story: two years ago, the awareness of Scholastic amongst ICT Local Authority Advisors was 0% (this isn’t just me making progress look good, we had research done to confirm our fears!)… with the launch of Class PET not far away, I needed to increase that percentage slightly!

The things we did:

  • Set up the Class PET Twitter account (which recently turned into eScholasticUK), which is a good, although quite formal way of engaging on Twitter.
  • Sponsoring TeachMeets (which I hope we have done without being too commercial at all)
  • A larger, better BETT stand which has acted as a central place at BETT for people to meet – and by listening to teachers, ensuring we have things that teachers need on our stand!

All of the above, from an official perspective have helped to increase awareness of resources such, but not confined to ClassPET.

The other thing that has happened, which has almost happened by accident, has that by being myself on Twitter, and sticking to my mantra of ‘no selling’ I have found myself in a place where I have many good  and firm friends all over the country.  I have done things I never thought I would (running 10-miles with @ianaddison being one of them!).

The culmination of this was that I was able to conduct some research on Twitter (distributed by people other than me!) that showed that Scholastic was the best known publisher or provider of services to schools on Twitter (not as one Tweeter at the IPG conference heard, the best known brand on Twitter!).  There were some very lovely comments indeed, so to those who were so nice about me, thank you!  The presentation with the data is below, but if you want to see the original source data, check out this link.

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