BETT 2012 – what a busy week it’s going to be GREAT!

I can’t wait…really, can’t wait.  We have been planning for the BETT 2012 show for nearly a full year – our first meeting on it was in February when we had  a full look at the 2011 show, and then pretty much monthly after that, until October when things got super busy!

As I mentioned in the post I wrote before Christmas, we are going to be running a much more comprehensive round of resource demonstrations, including:

    • Using paired story videos and non-fiction EBooks to build a love of reading
    • Using real time digital assessments in the classroom
    • Using favourite children’s books to structure your literacy teaching

    A full list of our demo’s, and the times they are on is here.  We are super happy that we have at least three different schools on our stand as well!

    In addition, TeachMeet Takeover is happening again! Here’s the agenda.

    As always, BETT really isn’t BETT without the fringe events; and this year I’m going for the full-house yet again!

    Wednesday night: BETT Awards Dinner.  Read & Respond Engage is up for an award in the Primary Digital Content category!

    Thursday night: Scholastic are sponsoring the Collaborate for Change event in the Apex room.  I am also hosting a table at C84C which has the title: ‘How much should children be, or feel, in charge of their work?’ which I hope will be an interesting discussion!

    Friday night:  Scholastic are sponsoring the  TeachMeet at BETT – can’t wait!

    Right, I’m off to watch Sherlock before a very long week!

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