Allotment… day 7

I only spent a short amount of time at the allotment today, but got a lot done. I dug out one more row, finishing a second bed off. I have now dug 25% of one side of the allotment! I hesitate to say it, but it really isn’t taking that much time to dig now. I seem to have a rhythm going and I’m not sure there’s as many weeds as there were on the edges. Now I’ve said that I’m going to hit the worlds largest weed the next time I go up. 

I also watered the vegetables, especially the tomatoes as they wouldn’t have seen much if any of the rain that we’ve had recently. The problem with having so many vegetables planted is they need a lot of water, and the rain we have had hasn’t been enough to fill the water butt. I have enough for the next couple of days, but after that it is ration time.

It looks as though the carrots are happy, although I am not sure I could say the same for the courgettes and chard, but who knows? It may well be that they are taking time to wake up or the rain has beaten them down. Elizabeth and I put some slug pellets down yesterday to try and protect them as much as possible, so hopefully they’ll spring to life soon enough.

Finally, I have planned my raised bed for the asparagus. The wonderful design is in my head, I just need to make it a reality. No rush at all for this, which is lucky, as I have a heck of a lot of digging to get through first!



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