Allotment… day 8

I say ‘dig’, you say ‘ow’… just me then.

I measured how much more digging there is to do on the current side last night, and there was 30ft in length. Today I dug 2ft. 28 to go (see, I can even do maths after digging!) Essentially it is all the darker soil at the front of the photo below.

Fewer weeds again today than yesterday, I’m hoping this trend continues. There do seem to be a heck of a lot of stones though…

The allotment was graced with a visit from Jet and Elizabeth and Elizabeth played with the dog from the next door allotment. It was very funny to watch, she was so happy.

I have a feeling that a few of the things I have planted won’t make it. Ironically, it appears the carrots will do well, it is the courgettes and chard that look knackered. We’ll see.


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