Allotment… day 9

The vegetables are growing!!! 

As you can tell, I’m verging on over-excited. We only popped down for five minutes to water the tomatoes, and then got distracted by two very cool things.

Number 1: Rob, our next door allotment neighbour, had left us some funky courgettes. He’d mentioned them to me about a fortnight ago and he then went and left us three to plant. They are ‘Tromba Albenga’ which is a cross between a courgette and a squash from Italy. I read up on ‘how to grow‘, but unfortunately after I planted…so it is possible I planted them too closely together! I’ll go and re-space them tomorrow. Thank you Rob, you are fab!

Number 2: vegetables are growing! And I mean really growing. The carrots are going for it, the original courgettes that I thought had not mad it are going strong, the spring onions are upright and the radish are all looking happy! Woo, and I say hoo! The only thing that we have an issue is with slugs…so pellet time, sorry slugs.

The only thing I wish I did was to check the type of tomato that I put in the trough. It is growing like a bush, rather than on stalks, so I’m a tad confused. I’ll have to go and research.

Thank you for reading!


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