Allotment… day 10

I went to re-plant the new courgette/squash last night, and to water the tomatoes. I’m still amazed at quite how well the vegetables I thought had failed are doing.

I have tried to look up the different veg that I planted in pots right at the start – as I forgot to keep the seeds packets. I found the box online and they are:

Bright Lights Chard: these are growing well, and from reading up on them it looks like they’ll grow to about a foot tall

Red Delicious Sprouts: I’m a tad hit-and-miss on sprouts, but these red ones look cool. As with all of these original veg, I split them out when planting in the ground, one plant looks okay, the other a bit tired! These look very cool – but won’t be ready until December, just in time for Christmas.

Courgette Orelia: Yellow courgettes. These were the ones I thought were most under threat of not making it after replanting, but seem so have made a recovery. 

Purple Haze Carrots: Purple carrots. Apparently orange carrots (according to the Carrot Museum, for there is such a thing) were cultivated for the House of Orange. The original carrot came from Afghanistan and Iran, and the colours were many and varied.

Tigerella Tomato: So far so good. This one is a bit odd in that all the images that I can see around the web are of traditional tomato plants. Mine is more bush-like. So what we get is a mystery.


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