Bothered from Barwell writes…

Dear Top Tomato Tasters,

I have four tomato plants, all of them are growing tomatoes (for that is their job, if they were growing lego bricks I’d be concerned (actually, I’d sell them)). They aren’t growing just a few tomatoes, they are each growing many many tomatoes. (I’d say many hundreds but I can’t really be bothered to count them, so I prefer the ambiguous “many many”.)

I’d like to say that this is the result of my green fingers but the truth be known it is likely going to be a mixture of the weather and my parents (for I was away for ten days of their formative life – not my parents formative life, the tomatoes. This is getting complicated).


My question is…what do I do with hundreds of tomatoes?



PS. Apologies for the lack of photo. I couldn’t get the tomato plant to sign a model release form. Selfish.


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