Asparagus bed, potatoes and spring…

Today I abandoned Jet, Elizabeth and her friend Lily and I went to the garden centre to get all of the bits I needed to finish of my asparagus raised bed.


The bed is huge, about 8ft x 4ft x 3ft. I started by digging out all of the weeds that were in there:


Then I added 60 kg of horticultural sand and dug that in lightly:


Then added six large bags of manure, about 330 litres of the stuff:


Then twelve large bags of compost, about 650 litres.


I had a little bit more compost left over, so I then put some potatoes in two potato planters.


And finally was very happy to see some of the seeds coming through from last time:


And the blueberry bushes are flowering!


Not bad for a couple of hours work!  Next week I have a rotovator coming, so I’ll dig over the whole plot and get planting.  The asparagus crowns should be with me this week, so they can go in and Elizabeth’s raised bed is also ready for her to start on planting… Isn’t spring ace?!



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