The UK Education Blog Awards 2012 are open!

Great news! The UK Education Blog Awards have just opened! Check them out here.

However, before you go, here’s the bit I should say first.

Thank you so much to:

  • the team at Primary Blogger (Ed and John) for helping set this up.
  • to the judges, Tim Rylands, Ollie Bray, Margaret Vass, Peter Ford and Tim Major
  • to the sponsors, Child Education and Primary Blogger

That is all – go nominate and vote!

Education Blog Awards – a few stats

I normally try to get these into a tweet, but as you can see…this time I have no chance!

The Education Blog Awards were launched nearly two weeks ago at the Education Show,  new blogs are being nominated every day, and an incredible amount of votes cast! So to the stats:

There is still time to get nominated and vote, so get to it!


The Education Blog Awards

For too long, the amazing effort that goes into education blogging has gone unrecognised.  No longer!

I am delighted to announce that the Education Blog Awards have officially been launched at the Education Show today.

I have been working on the awards website for the last few weeks, with John McLear, John Sutton, Colin Hill and Ian Addison (thank you to all for your help).  We have some amazing judges lined up including Tim Rylands, John Davitt, Margaret Vass, Ollie Bray and Paula Hubbard.  You can find out everything you need to know about the awards and class blogging over at