Share your School Holidays dates with My School Holidays

“When do the school holidays start?” is a commonly asked question by parents in schools. Parents and teachers are using search more and more to find the information they want but the problem is some of the websites data doesn’t include INSET days and the like. Fear not fair maidens as My School Holidays has the answer.

My School Holidays is a free web site from Primary Technology that provides UK school term and holiday dates for 16000+ schools for 3+ years and has recently launched in Germany as Schulferien. My School Holidays is the best place to organize, update and publish your school’s holiday dates.

My School Holidays’ vision is to be the #1 provider of school holiday dates in the world with fantastic features such as, the embeddable widget(see above), and countdown to the holidays we expect big things from the guys at Primary Technology who will do us all proud!

Some more features you might like:
· Dates are available for 1 year into the future
· Mobile version of the website
· Council/district dates as well as specific school dates
· Printable calendar
· Various APIs for software developers and partners.