Allotment… day 12

What a day. Andy Murray won, we ate our first radishes and Elizabeth ate the first (small) carrot!

I also dug out another spades width of the allotment, which from one angle looks great and the other angle is pretty depressing. I know the thing about being patient, but I’m not renowned for that…hey, at least I’m learning something! Mum and Dad dropped around a raised bed for my asparagus bed yesterday. That is going to be the last part of the allotment, so this is going to be a good test of patience!

The sun is really helping the veg grow, and the difference in the size of courgette plant in the mini greenhouse is huge compared to the ones that are planted out. The weeds are trying to mount a coup, but I have my sturdy hoe – they are no match for us 🙂  The chard is going well, which brings me to my next question – what is chard, and how the hell do you eat it?!

And, in a bonus feature, our roses are blooming marvellous!