Elizabeth’s turn to plant

A quick return to the allotment for Elizabeth to sow seeds in her raised bed.She’s put in two varieties of carrot, cress, lettuce, a salad mix and she has left some space for some strawberry plants. She was great, really working hard on getting the seeds in the right place and even writing her own markers out.

She helped me put a few asparagus crowns in that we got from the garden centre, but we’ve got quite a few more coming this week so we left quite a bit of space!

One mistake I did make was to get the wrong net for the top of the raised bed. This one is too large.





Raising beds

A long day at the allotment. Elizabeth and I went down this morning, she to weed, me to put up two raised beds. Elizabeth did plenty of weeding until the dog that belongs to the next door neighbour arrived and then she played.

I spent about four hours digging and putting up the beds and one cloche. The small one is for Elizabeth, the large ones is for asparagus. We also picked two Zuchetta Tromba D’Albenga (I have no idea what to do with them) and some tomatoes.

Photos below… but the first is the great news that I finished digging one side of the allotment last week, but was too tired to post!