Allotment…day 13

A short post, with no pictures. I was away yesterday and couldn’t get to water the tomatoes. They are now on life-support, clinging on to dear life like a tomato plant tied up with string.

A sad day.

On a positive note, I have the European Radish Mountain, ironically made up of non EU shaped radish.

That is all, please pray for our tomatoes.

Allotment…day 3

Two and a bit hours at the allotment today, and I’ve finished digging the weeds from the first bed, and then some. Although it was still hard to get through the first inch, the rest was relatively easy-going. The ground hasn’t been dug for a long while, so there are some pretty large clumps to break up, and as you’ll see from the photo I didn’t manage to do them all! I did, however, find an old, rusted hand fork which looked scarily like an old skeleton hand when I started to dig it up!

I’ve planted the spring onions and radishes that Mum and Dad brought over yesterday, and will try to plant the courgettes tomorrow. Then I think one more bed will get in the chard and sprouts before I’ve run out of things to put in. Hopefully that will be before the weekend, but who knows?!